The 2nd Customer Demonstration Event in Daegu.

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The 2nd Customer Demonstration Event in Daegu Metropolitan City

Date: Oct. 07. 2020

Following the 1st Customer Demonstration Event held in Busan Metropolitan City,

we performed the 2nd Customer Demonstration Event(including hands-on experiences)

on SEAL BOOSTER(SB-B) in Duryu Diving Pool in Daegu Metropolitan City

with more than 13 people participated on the spot.

The process of event was done in good order, by starting out product

description & specifications on SEAL BOOSTER first, then hands-on experiences were followed

for several volunteers among all comers.

One of the devoted participants came from Gangwon-do Province through 3-hour driving.

(Many thanks to Mr. Ahn for his sincere and keen interest).

As for the review of hands-on experiences from a group of freediving instructors,

“This gadget is making me feel reluctant to get out of water after playing with it,

actually I was totally unaware of the passage of time!”

“Fast enough when using booster mode was operated” and some other positive comments were left as well.

Special thanks again to all the staffs who spared no efforts in going the demonstration event

on wheels and to the people who paid their precious visit to the event in spite of their busy schedules.

Please, look forward to next some videos from the 3rd Customer Demonstration Event

that will be held in Gwangju Metropolitan City.

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