Our center’s motto is open innovation. This refers to Serve Technology’s collective efforts with other companies and various research organizations in manufacturing industry on technology and ideas to achieve progressive research results and develop innovative products for users. Serve Technology R&D Center was reborn on May 2018 with the integration of existing Design Team and Technical Support Team. Based on extensive knowhow and advanced technology in mechanical engineering on Underwater Propulsion System, all of our R&D Center members are fully dedicated to developing ‘True Technology’ that enriches the life of all humankind. Additionally, our R&D Center has made an drastic investment in human resources as we regard them as the basis for technical competitiveness and established a technical road map to secure critical technologies for new business opportunities in the next generation.

Research area
  1. Our Research & Technical Center began its full-fledged R&D activities after being established as an affiliated one on May 2018 in Oedong Industrial Complex Zone in Gyeongju City. It consists of a group of highly competent researchers who possess professional knowledge & expertise and a large amount of engineering experiences in developing environment-friendly marine leisure products.
  2. Currently we are expanding our research area into product simulation and numerical analysis through cooperative relationships with various external research institutions such as RIMS(Research Institute Medium & Small Shipbuilding). In a rapidly changing technical environment, we are securing independent core-technology while delivering new technologies timely to meet the requirements of market, and our researchers will further do their best for customer satisfaction with unwavering commitment to our valued customers.