Development Background

When it comes to the development background on SEAL BOOSTER, after having witnessed many safety-related marine accidents that caused a number of casualties, we saw keenly the necessity of developing something safer, more comfortable, easier to use when enjoying recreational diving or other sort of water activities.
Rapidly increasing marine leisure population mainly caused by a rise in national income and growing interest inwater sports due to the associated business growth such as boat, yacht and related gear & equipment industry must be other reasons that made us join this market.

In line with a change on leisure life of domestic & global trend, we were successfully able to complete the development of recreational version of SEAL BOOSTER(SB-B). We are clear that ‘SEAL BOOSTER’ will serve as an innovative product that gives a great boost to the promotion of marine leisure industry and will be positioned as Killer Item in global underwater scooter market where average growth rate shows higher than 10% annually. Upgraded 2nd version of SEAL BOOSTER that is tentatively named as SB-S with high-performance propulsion power combined with patented diverse technology will be launched on the market early next year. This SB-S model will become an obvious choice for those technical divers & those who specially are engaged in marine rescue area.

Logo Concept

SEAL BOOSTER’s logo symbolizes the harmonious combination of
Propulsion power, Impeller shape & Water drop as they simply show.
This represents brand identity in a dynamic way
by adding Propulsion image to Water drop that reminds of Water.
It puts in everybody’s desire to swim freely in the water like a Seal.

Brand Item

SEAL BOOSTER logo can be used in various ways in the form of clothing embroidery & patches along with
reflective stickers to be put on diving gears according to one’s liking.

Windresistant jacket