Affiliated Research & Technical Center of Serve Technology works hard to develop environmentally friendly products by expanding manpower for research area and investing intensively in research on innovative products with various applications for different materials. Setting ultimate customer satisfaction & product-quality superiority as the greatest philosophy, our R&D Center specializes in carrying out technology research and new product development with accumulated expertise on the design of Wearable Personal Underwater Propulsion System, the development of innovative materials, and the study of performance improvement. On the basis of these achievements, our Research & Development Center has been investing intensively on a line of environment-friendly materials so that we can timely launch new products into the related industry. With an aim to become one of the best R&D Centers in the world by making a step ahead of the needs of market with technological renovation, all of our staff members will do our best to confront challenges and make innovations in creating a healthier society through the introduction of new technology.

Quality Management

As a preferred partner to major global major automotive companies, obviously quality is the center of Serve Technology’s activities. In order to ensure that each and every SEAL BOOSTER we make meet your highest expectations, we have developed and implemented rigorous manufacturing processes and strict quality control procedures. All services are performed by existing stern rules for the protection of health, safety and environment. Internal routine audits and external inspections for the full compliance with related regulations to assure that our quality systems are consistent with current industry standards all the time. Our independent quality assurance department reviews all data and procedures for better Quality and Reliability of our products & services as we believe the ultimate measure of quality is customer satisfaction.