The 7th Customer Demonstration Event in Jeju island (1st day)

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The 7th Customer Demonstration Event

in Jeju island(1st day)

Date: Nov. 18. 2020

The 7th Customer Demonstration Event in Jeju island
Following the 6th Customer Demonstration Event held in Busan Metropolitan City
(SONGDO Marine Leports Center), we headed over to Jeju island for two-day demonstration events.

Jeju island is very popular for its scenic beauty among tourists,
and this island has also been famous for the abundance of rock, wind and women from old times.
Considering the number of people who wanted to join,
we divided the events in two days for the smooth progress.

After a brief introduction on SEAL BOOSTER(product description & specifications) was made,

instructors’ demonstration on safety measures to be taken against emergency situation,

and operation method for an effective way to run the device.

This time, not to mention a group of freediving instructors,

underwater performance model & Haenyeo made a precious step for an active participation.

Many thanks to all the staffs(3 instructors, camera shooting staff etc.)
who spared no efforts in going the demonstration event on wheels
and to the people who paid their precious visit in spite of their busy schedules.

Regarding the review of hands-on experiences from free-divers

and the person interested in marine leisure industry,

“You buy 1 full-set first, then we can buy additional spare 2 sets batteries

for the common use of main thrusters in turn,

maybe we can decide by playing the rock-paper-scissors game.”

-This talk was done by one devoted participant and his acquaintances-.

“This is the item for us, no doubt!” mentioned by Haenyeo.


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